Listen, learn and react!

A popular adage says that one dissatisfied customer will tell about his/her experience ten other customers.

Customer feedback is nowadays advantage and can be a powerful tool for you, because listening what they say, it helps you to understand what the client really wants or how he experiences your company and turn dissatisfied into loyal ones or implement brilliant ides.

You can use old-fashion solution to ask the feedback from your client once in a year, but to be up to date, you can also monitor it in real-time. However, it is not about collecting the data to analyze it after a months, it is how you act on feedback today, for increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value.

From managing customer (and employee) feedback to converting unhappy customers into loyal ones, Dive offers the complete solution for designing, collecting, processing, tracking and handling customer feedback.

Before starting the project we help you to find out what you should ask from your customers and what channels you should use for it (link on your web, personalized e-mail after a visit, call or online communication, call or interactive media channel on spot of the service place). After that all data is collected using Dive online system or inserted into our system after face to face interaction, so for analyzing and reporting you have all info in one place. Different level of user groups and alerts to notify you about bad or excellent experiences can be configured to help you to track and work with results easily and act immediately.