DIVE is highly experienced and reliable company with strong vision for future! We are a customer service development and evaluation company specialized in mystery shopping. We cover eight markets in Northern Europe – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

  • Close to 10 years’ of experience in helping our clients successfully reach service excellence in their operations
  • We offer full range of service excellence improvement services ranging from service design and standards to people development and incentive programs
  • Our network consists of carefully selected (4 stage selection) and specially trained mystery shoppers and other interviewers (on Group level we have over 10 000 shoppers and approximately 100 interviewers)
  • State-of-the-art technologies are used in order to offer you with latest innovative solutions of instant online access to your projects; we have exclusive rights to work with world famous specialized Mystery Shopping and Service Improvement online system – DIVE OnLine (Shopmetrics platform)
  • We take guidance and are active members of respected professional bodies that shape the quality standards and codes for service quality improvement industry – MSPA Europe, Esomar. Moreover, we have attended every single conference of MSPA Europe since becoming members in 2003
  • We operate in eight Northern European countries directly with local management and indirectly in all the world through the network of our partners; by working with them, we can offer international research and improvement projects beyond DIVE Group borders
  • We are not afraid of challenges – we undertake the toughest assignments!

DIVE is always ahead of competition! Since start in 2003, we were continuously leading in size (e.g. number of offices, projects, mystery shoppers, turnovers, etc.), in professionalism (strength of principles and range of services) and in technologies we use. We were and continue to be opinion and trend creators in the market!

On top of all, our goal is the success of your business venture!