Benefits of research

You acquire professional and complete information about the whole business sector without leaving your office and spending lot of time for that.

Media partner

We cooperate with local business magazines. After each research press release or article has been published where across other interesting facts and info three companies with best results are presented.


Research is always conducted using mystery shopping method. Our pre-trained mystery shoppers monitor organization’s service aspects objectively and independently using given situation.

Our services

  • We develop your customer service into the process which can be measured using evaluation parameters, compared and managed;
  • Disclose differences between set objectives and reality;
  • Reveal the direction and change of service quality, i.e. whether consistency is guaranteed or not guaranteed;
  • Show whether “standards” are operative (or need modification or improvement);
  • Identify small problems before they develop into large ones
  • Help assessing your situation in the competitive environment (benchmark)
  • Allow to enhance motivation programs
  • Help to identify training needs
  • Help in selecting the required training (according to staff knowledge maps prepared after the research)
  • Help in determining the effectiveness of training or other improvement measures  (their usefulness)
  • Measure the effectiveness of applied instruments of changes
  • Provide information for regular staff meetings (daily, weekly, etc.).

Improved financial and non-financial results, i.e. increased customer and employee satisfaction as well as profitability or / and turnovers leads to:

  • Increased income (more customers, more buying customers, higher prices due to many loyal customers, free advertising through word of mouth, etc.)
  • Decreased costs by reducing internal error

Our services


We monitor your activities

The first stage of effective management process is collecting raw data i.e. information which will make it possible to create the description of the current company situation and follow trends in timeline. It will also help to plan service management and improvement process. We will be glad to design the research so as to get the information which is significant from your company’s point of view.

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Customers satisfaction research
  • Employees satisfaction research
  • Feedback collection & management


We create knowledge

The data collected during research are often a set of numbers and indexes which need to be transformed into a tool useful for making decisions in a company. That is why it is really important to transform the data into knowledge – systematized set of information answering specific questions connected with functioning of the company.

  • Extended research reports
  • Consulting and seminars
  • Training courses
  • Creating the standards of customer service


We help and support you

The last stage of the complex process of customer service management is effective implementation of the acquired knowledge in a company structure. We assist our Clients also at this stage both offering them ready solutions and advising them while they create their own solutions – developed by their employees.

  • Communication system
  • Implementing standards of customer service
  • Incentive programmes for employees