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The last stage of the complex process of customer service management is effective implementation of the acquired knowledge in a company structure. We assist our Clients also at this stage both offering them ready solutions and advising them while they create their own solutions – developed by their employees.

Communication system

Communication is a decisive factor in customer service management. Customer service is a process where the information flow is of key significance as only customer service employees can provide feedback which will make it possible to make proper decisions concerning development and repair measures.

We offer our Clients creating a coherent communication system concerning customer service. It is based on the flow of information concerning the results of mystery shopping research. While conducting it each person taking part in the research process on the Client’s side should have precisely defined range of information accessible to them, list of responsibilities and lucid system monitoring their execution. Using a specialized application in Dive OnLine system we create systems which facilitate tasks connected with mystery shopping projects, make the information flow within a company steady and provide each employee with the information that he/she needs to work effectively.

Implementing standards of customer service

Standards of customer service are the basis for everyday work in retail outlets. That is why it is of outmost importance that they are implemented in a way which will meet the employees’ acceptance. This process may start at the stage of creating standards or later – there are proper teaching methods which will help to accustom employees to the new mode of work. Well conducted process of implementation makes the employees see how the new standards facilitate their everyday work.
Our specialists may conduct this process in your company or advise you on how to do it on your own.

Incentive programmes for employees

No efforts of managerial staff will significantly influence the improvement of customer service quality if employees are not properly motivated to work. Customer service is primarily a communication process – during this communication the employees transfer to customers their attitude toward the company they work for. That is why it is so important that they feel well in their workplace. The employees’ satisfaction also definitely reduces the problem of staff rotation.
Dive Polska helps to create programmes which will make it possible to motivate employees effectively and bind them to the company.

Incentive programmes
Creating incentive programmes is a difficult task but also a very important one for the proper functioning of a company. We help our Clients to carry out this task both with our knowledge necessary for constructing such programmes and with infrastructure which facilitates effective system functioning.
Incentive programmes may be connected with sales results, mystery shopping research results and many others indexes concerning the specific activity of a given company – we shall advise you on how to construct such programmes so that they reward employees’ real effort and make them feel their assessment is fair.

Certification programmes
A good and relatively cheap method of motivating employees is granting them certificates as recognition of their achievements. We will be glad to suggest you what achievements should be rewarded with certificates as well as to prepare and distribute them.

Incentive games
We offer special incentive games which encourage employees to perform their duties better and strengthen team integration. The basic incentive game is so called incentive shopping audit – visits of mystery shoppers connected with giving an employee a small gift if he/she meets specific requirements. Basing on such games we can construct more extended programmes, e.g. by dividing employees into two teams and organizing extended competition between retail outlets.
Playing such games contributes to improving the quality of various customer service elements; it is you who decides what criteria the employees must meet in order to get a reward. Our consultants will be glad to present you the details of organizing such games.