What are we here for?

In short. We help you…

To facilitate management:

  • We develop your customer service into the process which can be measured using evaluation parameters, compared and managed;
  • Disclose differences between set objectives and reality;
  • Reveal the direction and change of service quality, i.e. whether consistency is guaranteed or not guaranteed;
  • Show whether “standards” are operative (or need modification or improvement);
  • Identify small problems before they develop into large ones
  • Help assessing your situation in the competitive environment (benchmark)

To raise the quality of customer service:

  • Allow to enhance motivation programs
  • Help to identify training needs
  • Help in selecting the required training (according to staff knowledge maps prepared after the research)
  • Help in determining the effectiveness of training or other improvement measures  (their usefulness)
  • Measure the effectiveness of applied instruments of changes
  • Provide information for regular staff meetings (daily, weekly, etc.).

To earn more:

Improved financial and non-financial results, i.e. increased customer and employee satisfaction as well as profitability or / and turnovers leads to:

  • Increased income (more customers, more buying customers, higher prices due to many loyal customers, free advertising through word of mouth, etc.)
  • Decreased costs by reducing internal error