We always follow the highest business and ethical standards set both by the organizations we belong to and by the law of the countries we work in. The area of our activity is the relationships between the service employees, their superiors and customers. We know that only by following all the ethical standards can we reconcile the interests of these groups and provide solutions satisfying all these parties.

What proves that we follow all these rules is our membership in respected international professional bodies:

MSPA – Mystery Shopping Providers Association

The MSPA is an association dedicated to improving service and promoting excellence in the mystery shopping industry. The fundamental aim of the Association is to ensure that standards are maintained. Currently Association unites 225 member organizations worldwide.

DIVE Group is a proud member of MSPA since 2003, which makes us the oldest member among all MS providers in the region. Besides, since becoming members, we have attended every single conference of MSPA Europe.
More information on: www.mspa-eu.org

Dive Group partner Jurgita Adomaityte is member of the Board of MSPA Europe.
For additional information you can approach MSPA representative for Europe Nikky Alkemade: europe@mysteryshop.org

IMSA – International Mystery Shopping Alliance

IMSA was created to fill the need for quality mystery shopping services across the world using experienced and expert local agencies. All IMSA members are major mystery shopping companies. Since the beginning of IMSA in 2003, Dive Group proudly represents Poland and the Baltic countries there.


ESOMAR – Market and Opinion Research Association


It is an association that currently comprises over 4800 researchers from 120 countries, aims to promote market and opinion research as useful tool, which helps to define the most important problems and to take effective business decisions. It also sets international marketing research standards.



Partnerships create nice synergy that allow us to offer more tailored to your needs solutions as well as to expand our scope of impact on your service excellence! We have extensive network of partnerships for various needs of our activities:

  • Partner for trainings – according to the DIVE measurement results orientated and purposeful training programs can be prepared for you personnel. Here DIVE cooperates with different training companies, with whom we have successful experiences.
  • Partner for awareness campaigns and conferences –  ExcellentService.eu Company that manages and operates Customer Service conferences and “March month of excellent service” campaigns.
  • Media partners – presenting interesting research data or delivering brand new evaluation methods we co-operate with daily business newspapers