What is of fundamental significance for all the activities connected with management is communication within a company. This rule is particularly important in customer service management, the process which is very fluid and difficult to measure.

It is of key significance for the customer service development to enable the service employees to communicate their problems and needs – here, more than anywhere else, the employees’ motivation translates into the quality of their work. The results of employees’ satisfaction research help to define these factors which decrease their motivation to work to the greatest extent.

Most information in a company goes from the top of the structure to the very bottom – to the service personnel. The employees’ satisfaction research makes it possible to change the typical direction of the information flow and to look at well known facts from a new perspective. The research also shows where this “communication chain” gets broken.

The research is conducted by means of a special internet application in Dive OnLine system. Because of that it is a relatively cheap and quick way of collecting important information. The system guarantees complete anonymity of the employees and makes proper information go to proper people in the company’s structure.