Research is always conducted using mystery shopping method. Our pre-trained mystery shoppers monitor organization’s service aspects objectively and independently using given situation.

We use universal standardized questionnaire, where questions have besides evaluation marks extended descriptive parts as well, so you are able to see not only evaluations marks, but also facts behind it.

For each survey approximately 10 main leading companies from sector per country are taken and each of the company are evaluated 10 times.

All results are collected into web system Dive Online, where client gets secure access.

Results are gathered into Dive Online and by using secure access you can see:

  • overall results
  • results of each visits and aspect
  • all shopper comments

Besides getting an access our project manager will analyze all results and prepare a PowerPoint presentation for you. Presentation will give you short and clear overview of market customer service level, benchmarking with other Baltic countries and your organization benchmark with overall sector average results.