We create knowledge

The data collected during research are often a set of numbers and indexes which need to be transformed into a tool useful for making decisions in a company. That is why it is really important to transform the data into knowledge – systematized set of information answering specific questions connected with functioning of the company. We offer a number of services which are to help you in this process.

Extended research reports

We transmit research results directly to our Clients by means of Dive OnLine system. The Clients get access to all the data and basic analysis. However it is worth examining the results more closely – drawing conclusions and using them to implement specific repair measures.
In the extended reports we present detailed results analysis – we show the relations between various indexes, we suggest possible data interpretations and present the spectrum of available measures aimed at improving the quality of customer service.
The reports are presented in the form of presentations for the selected company’s employees – this way makes it possible to discuss the results and conclusions so that they would meet the Client’s needs.

Consulting and seminars

It is very important in the process of customer service management to translate theoretical knowledge into a given company realities; on the other hand while making decisions it is worth using as much knowledge resulting from other people’s experience as possible.

Our consultants offer knowledge which together with your experience helps to make appropriate decisions and to increase the effectiveness of your activity.
We also organize seminars during which the issues connected with our Client’s management are discussed in a wider range of participants – thanks to such seminars a greater number of employees will be able to act on their own in similar situations in the future.

Some of the areas where you can use consulting services are:

  • Standards of customer service: it is rather rare that once created customer service standards function for a long time without a fault. That is why we offer you regular cooperation in improving the standards; we can do it using the knowledge gained on the basis of research conducted in your company, your competitors’ research and the knowledge of the newest market trends.
  • Research programmes: conducting isolated research is not enough to acquire knowledge necessary for management. During our ten years’ cooperation with our Clients we have gained experience which lets us offer research programmes integrating various types of research and their results in a way which perfectly meets your company needs.
  • Communicating research results: it is not enough to acquire knowledge – one also needs to take proper measures on its basis. What is of key importance here is efficient transmitting of the knowledge within the company. We advise our Clients on how to transmit the information and who should have access to various parts of the information so as to achieve the best results
  • Customer service management: we help our Clients to use the knowledge acquired thanks to research effectively so that each new research project contributes to solving problems and constant improvement of customer service quality.


Training courses

Thanks to cooperation with our regular partners we can offer training courses. We train both in the field of direct customer service (training courses which introduce standards of customer service, improve them and help to create them) and in the methodology of using the research results (training courses for managers – how to talk to employees, how to use the results of mystery shopping research effectively).

We conduct training courses familiarizing employees with research projects. They are adapted to the specificity of work at various levels of managerial staff so that all the employees know their role in the research process and are able to use the information acquired during the process in their work.

We also conduct similar training courses for customer service employees so that they understand that the research is not aimed at finding their faults but constitutes a common project which is to help their company development. Thanks to such courses the employees know the research will help them to perform their duties and will improve their working conditions.


Dive OnLine system has an application which makes it possible to implement the process of employees’ self-training in the company – ActivTraining™.

ActivTraining™ is a method concerning the weakest point of traditional training courses – the problem of forgetting newly acquired knowledge – and offers a solution to the problem by means of improving the concept of traditional training. It is based on repeating the acquired information at regular intervals, which is verified by automatically prepared regular tests. This system combines the process of teaching with checking one’s knowledge, it also provides active feedback which is the basis of revision training. It is a cheap and effective method carried out by means of internet platform, which makes it easy to implement regardless of the size of your company.

Creating the standards of customer service

Standards of customer service constitute the basis of everyday work in retail outlets. That is why it is so important that the standards are created in a professional way, taking into account the vision of a company and market requirements on one hand and the customer service employees’ opinion on the other. The necessity of finding a compromise arises from the fact that it is practically impossible to make employees work in a mode that they oppose.

During meetings with service employees the representatives of Dive Polska will be able to convince them of the necessity of introducing new solutions as well as to gather information which will make it possible to create standards suiting the employees as it is mainly them who must be convinced of their value.

While creating or changing the standards of customer service we also take into account the research results: mystery shopping research is an indispensable source of information used for verifying standards; while creating them it is also worth using customers’ satisfaction research. We also offer integrated research projects adapted to the needs of creating customer service standards.

Another important issue is providing proper access to service standards in retail outlets – only in this way employees have constant access to them, learn them faster and use them more often in their work. We offer preparing the standards in a graphic form which combines transferring necessary knowledge with aesthetics which facilitates memorizing.