As the year is in full swing we wanted to share with you some latest news in customer service and Dive Group as well as small insight into the future actions.

So, let’s dive into our first newsletter! Enjoy your reading!




Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation

When it comes to integration of research tools and data, AI has already become an indispensable technology in the market research sphere. Understanding that time is the most valuable resource, companies that keep up with the times already implementing comprehensive automated solutions (and not only for some research processes), giving almost all the power to the algorithms. Starting from the data collection (CAPI, online surveys, site NPS) to last analysis (dashboards and real-time reporting) companies are trying to decrease the human reason’s influence and make analyzing process as fast as possible, as only companies which will be able to get high-quality data in a shorter time will reap true benefits. We are also moving along with this trend in this sphere by updating our online system together with worldwide mystery shopping platform Shopmetrics so we can offer you the most important things in the most convenient and most time-saving way.


Real-time assistance via video and voice chat

Advanced Technology and new marketing strategies have offered several ways to connect with the consumer and help them to know the product/service transparently. But what if the customers are in your website browsing the services or the pricing page prior to final purchase.
Video chat or live chat is the right way to guide the customer with his queries and help him to walk through the services and provide accurate information via real-time support. Including the real-time support to the customer service trends of your company will benefit you in many ways.


Highlights of Real-time support:

Instant resolution of the customer queries and problems;
Saves plenty of time for the agent and the customer;
Maximizes chances of conversion of sales;
Simple usability for the customer;
Escalates customer engagement and satisfaction.


Communication via social media channels

“You can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers and customers into salespeople.” – Seth Godin

Social media channels are the best way to connect with your customers. It is essential to give your company a face on social media in today’s time. ValueWalk studies reports, “About 63% of customers expect companies to offer support via social media, and 35% of customers prefer it over other channels.”

The customer complaints and support requests are intercepted and displayed to the support team on their dashboard. The support team can then contact the customer/ client over the same platform and resolve their queries


Acquisition in Lithuania

In the beginning of 2018 Dive Group bought the mystery shopping division from the training company DOOR Training and Consulting Baltic. All the team and mystery shoppers from this division joined Dive Lithuania and since then company’s manager is Audrius Sakalauskas, the former research manager of Door.

The chairman of Dive Group Kaspar Janes claims that negotiations were fast because both companies agreed that this decision is the best option for both sides. Door company successfully held this business for a couple of years, but it never was their priority, said Kaspar Janes.

The manager of Dive Group, Kerli Soosaar, said that consolidation will bring the capabilities of Dive Lithuania to a new level and underpin the company’s position as the clear market leader.


Collaboration in Estonia

Companies Dive Eesti and Service Check agreed to merge and since May 2018 they continue work as Dive Eesti.

Siim Padar and Tauri Taimre, founders of Service Check, will be joining the board of Dive Eesti and manage the company. The company continues its work in an office in Tallinn. It was made sure that this collaboration affected workers and partners as little as possible. The member of the Board Kaspar Janes says that based on the fact that companies provided similar services in Estonia for a long time, common their activity is the most logical decision. Due to the merge we have more resources and experience as we’ll be able to offer our clients better quality of service, added Padar.


Changes involved Latvia

Full-service research company RAIT has agreed with GfK SE on the takeover of working activities in the Baltic. SIA GfK Custom Research Baltic was renamed SIA RAIT Custom Research Baltic.

As RAIT belongs into the same group together with Dive companies decided to move into the same office in Riga in the beginning of 2019. This allows to tighten close cooperation with DIVE Latvia even more and offer full package of researches to our clients even more conveniently said Dive Latvia manager Ilze Paozole.


Growth in Poland

2018 was a great year for Polish department which raised its volumes to 6000 per month. Not only significant business growth but as well team expansion had a place in the past year.

New team members and new local and international projects bring a lot of fresh air to the company. Growth in volume and team brought along Dive Poland to change the working place and move to a new bigger office.

Dive Poland is proud to announce that PKJPA certificate is granted for the 10th time for the Polish branch.


Researches in 2018 and plans for 2019

Next to regular mystery shopping visits for our regular partners, we also did three different sector surveys (Dive Top3) in 2018. We investigated pharmacy, bank and insurance sector customer service. Dive Top3 gives a possibility to know their strengths and flaws and to compare company’s service level with competitors and with sector average.

We are planning to continue doing sector surveys in those 3 sectors, plus we will also add telecommunication and supermarkets sectors to see how they are doing.

If you feel that your sector is left out, please reach us and let’s talk!