Dive carried out non life insurance sector survey in May 2013 in Lithuania by conducting 70 visits to different non life insurance companies.

The aim of the research is to measure customer service quality of non life insurance companies, benchmark results and find out three best non life insurance companies.

Customer service quality is 92.7% in non life insurance sector in Lithuania. This results fulfil almost all requirements and comparing with 2012 it increased 4.2%.
TOP3 companies who are servicing clients the best in Lithuania:

• If – 97,7%
• PZU Lietuva – 95,7%
• Gjensidige Baltic – 94,8%

DiveTop3 is an ongoing customer service quality benchmarking tool for various sectors (e.g. banking, automotive, telecommunications etc.) across Baltic countries and Poland, conducted by Dive, using Mystery Shopping method.

For more info please contact: infolithuania@dive-group.com