Over the years various customers have given us many interesting situations and provided a wealth of experience on how to evaluate a wide range of areas of customer service and how to gather a feedback from real clients.
Therefore, we can say today that we are the experts in customer service evaluation field and we will find a solution to the most complex projects.

Our experience is supported by team members, who have sociological background (education and/or work experience). Since we view our staff’s knowledge and experience as a competitive advantage of DIVE, we devote great attention to the development of our personnel’s competence. By caring for our team and supporting their personal and work growth, we ensure the high quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

We select and train our mystery shoppers very carefully by going through 4 stage selection from registration, theoretical training and finishing with practical task and personal feedback session. Each shopper’s fulfilled questionnaire is evaluated by Dive coordinator and is given a quality score, thus for every shopper a quality index is calculated and it helps us to cooperate only with the best ones.

Our mainly served sectors

  • Financial: banking / leasing / insurance

  • Telecommunication
  • Automotive
  • Governmental sector
  • Shopping malls

  • Retail / food supermarket chains

  • pharmacy / optics
  • Gas stations / transport
  • Hotels / casinos / entertainment
  • And many more